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World Cup Predictions 2022 - Sergio Aguero's tips and preview

14 Nov 2022
Shane Reid 14 Nov 2022
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  • The 2022 World Cup starts Sunday, November 20
  • Stake ambassador Sergio Aguero provides his World Cup predictions
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  • World Cup Favourites
  • Argentina World Cup Prediction
  • Brazil World Cup Prediction
  • England World Cup Prediction
  • Other European Contenders
  • World Cup Predictions
The 2022 World Cup is nearly here and former Manchester City and Argentina striker Sergio Aguero has put together his World Cup betting tips.

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Here is what Aguero has had to say about the upcoming tournament, including his World Cup predictions and tips…

World Cup Favourites

I believe it’s going to be a different World Cup, more so for the fact that it is going to played between November and December, something that has never happened before.

It will be played in the middle of the regular season and that is going to make it very different.

We have seen national teams that have had players miss out, due to them not being able to recover from injury in time. This is something to take into account.

But beyond all of this, in the defining moments, the candidates are usually the same. And also, there is always a surprise.

I believe France, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, England and Spain are always favourites. And we can’t forget Portugal and Belgium who have very good teams.

Argentina World Cup Prediction

They look to have a complete team, and their unbeaten run is unbelievable. What would it take to beat them?

Argentina arrives very well despite the possibility that some of the boys who have been starting could be side-lined due to injury.

I hope everyone arrives in the best way.

But be that as it may, the Argentine team is very clear about what it plays for and the group is consolidated.

Lionel Messi's leadership is key. I think it will be difficult for any team to dominate Argentina.

It would be wonderful. Messi and the team deserves it. There are even a lot of people in the world who expect him to be champion, regardless of which country they are from.

Brazil World Cup Prediction

In this first part of the season, Neymar has had a great performance and we know that he is a world-class player.

If we add Vinicius, who maintains the level of last season, plus Gabriel Jesus, Rodrygo, Richarlison, they have a powerful offence.

But it happens in other teams too.

Mbappe and Benzema in France, Sterling and Kane in England, Messi, Di Marìa, Alvarez in Argentina, just to give a few examples, shows that the great teams have a lot of firepower.

Most of the candidates have an offensive game but when it comes to heads up that usually changes because it is all or nothing and more precautions are taken. Beyond that I think we will see great matches and at a high level.

England World Cup Prediction

I think England have a team to get excited about.

They could not win the European Championships but they showed in that tournament that they are a team to be feared.

I know they have had some losses in defence but they have replacements and also a mix of young players already established like Foden, Mount, Declan Rice, Rashford, Bellingham and Saka, with others with more experience like Sterling, Henderson and Kane.

Declan Rice is a great player and is at the same level as the best midfielders. He has proven himself and I think he is one of the strengths of the team.

And in Jude Bellingham, there is another really talented young player. It seems to me that if the youngest players - many of them already with several seasons in very strong competitions - don't feel the weight of playing in a World Cup, they will be able to show how important they are.

It's not just Bellingham. Earlier I named Phil Foden and Mason Mount and others who together make up a very relevant group.

Other European Contenders

Of the other European nations, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain seem the best equipped.

France is a very powerful team and Germany is always a candidate.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been Portugal’s inspiration for so long, but is he at the same level now to deliver across a whole tournament?

Ronaldo always inspires respect. It is true that the passing of the years is noticeable in the physical. But he has a great experience and with that he compensates.

In addition, Portugal has great players in all positions.

Belgium has players in the main European competitions and with great success.

Kevin De Bruyne is undoubtedly their flag, he is a top player, but we must not forget Lukaku, Carrasco, the Hazards and many others.

De Bruyne is a tremendous player. I say this knowingly. I have played with him and I was able to verify it.

Few in the world have the ability to have such a perfect panorama of the game that it is capable of assisting with incredible precision.

World Cup Predictions

It is difficult to make predictions because we will also have to see how the last 16 and quarter finals turn out.

What I am saying is that if Argentina passes the quarter finals, it has a great chance.

Who wins the Golden Boot? There are plenty of big names to choose from. Hopefully it will be Messi though!

Who will be the surprise package of the World Cup? Ecuador has a very good team. Canada too.

They are teams without a tradition in this tournament but they have a generation of footballers who can give them a lot of satisfaction.

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