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Will Stake enter the Metaverse?

06 Feb 2023
Shane Reid 06 Feb 2023
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  • Could be considering a Virtual Reality casino?
  • The world's biggest crypto betting site has hinted at entering the Metaverse in the future 
  • We look at what could feature in a Stake VR casino and sportsbook!
  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Will enter the Metaverse?
  • What would the Stake Metaverse look like?
  • What is
  • Metaverse FAQs
The social media team has posted images suggesting that virtual reality could be in its future plans. is the world's biggest crypto betting site, offering online sports betting and casino games to players all over the world.

Responding to a message on Twitter, Stake hinted that it could consider entering the Metaverse at some point in the future.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is being built upon constantly, accessible through computers and virtual reality headsets such as Meta Oculus and Playstation VR.

The idea is to be able to explore a virtual world where you can work, shop and play, with transactions being made using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

As the Metaverse expands, in the coming months and years we will see a new platform in which many industries will be able to operate, similar to how the Internet has changed the way we live in recent years.

Will enter the Metaverse?

In response to an idea mentioned by a user on Twitter, the social media team tweeted images showing the casino from the video game Grand Theft Auto V emblazoned with Stake Casino branding.

@GrandTrizzy had tweeted: “Imagine a version of @Stake that's just like the GTA V casino with the ability to walk around and sit at different tables and machines and watch party rooms for live events that would be sick… also an e-bar that actually sends beverages to your house would be cool but. Regulations”

Stake responded by saying "Your dream is now a reality", alongside images of characters queuing for a virtual lucky wheel, standing at a blackjack table, and relaxing with other players.

The images do show the concept of a Stake virtual reality casino, although it remains far from the ideas discussed in the original Tweet. This got us thinking, though. What will the future of Stake actually look like? Will we be spending our time at a virtual reality casino?

What would the Stake Metaverse look like?

At this time, we can only speculate on what a Metaverse would be like. However, given how forward-thinking the company is, we are certain that it will be unique and innovative. Here are a few ideas we have thought of:

  • Watch Streamers - There are many popular Stake streamers, including Trainwreck and Classy Beef. Imagine being able to join their parties in the Metaverse while they play for thousands of dollars.
  • Stake x Drake Live Events - Imagine live streaming a Stake vs Drake event and having the chance to win a share of millions of dollars in the Metaverse. The Drake x live stream events were extremely popular in 2022 and a Virtual version of these big-money streams would be exciting for all players!
  • Live Streaming - Get a front-row seat to watch the biggest UFC events, NFL and NBA matches, live soccer and more!
  • Immersive Slots - Stake on the Strip (in the Metaverse). Walk through the casino and take a seat at your favourite slot. Immerse yourself both in the of the casino floor as well as the game itself. What an experience this would be!

Stake Casino Metaverse

What is

If you are unfamilar with, it is the world’s biggest crypto betting site, offering online sports betting, casino games and more to hundreds of thousands of players.

Stake is available all over the world.

Registered players enjoy industry-leading betting odds on over 30 different sports as well as live streaming and live in-play betting at the Stake sportsbook.

Thousands of betting markets are live every day, covering popular sports including baseball, basketball, UFC, NFL, soccer, tennis, ESports, hockey and volleyball.

Live betting on hundreds of different events is available every day, while the live streaming service allows you to watch live sport for free once you have registered, with live streams including soccer, tennis, ESports, NFL, UFC and much more.

The crypto casino has thousands of games to choose from, including a number of Stake originals. is fully licensed and can be accessed in countries all over the world on PC and mobile devices.

The code NEWBONUS works in all countries where this betting site is available. New players can get a 200% deposit bonus when using the NEWBONUS code, with up to $1000 in bonus money available. Metaverse FAQs

Does have a virtual reality casino?

Not yet, but this may become a reality in the future. Check out for all the latest news relating to the brand.

Will Virtual Reality have poker?

It’s highly likely that when Stake enters the Metaverse it will offer Texas Hold’em poker as part of its Virtual Reality product.

Where might the Stake Metaverse be built?

It’s unknown as yet, but the favourite locations are Decentraland or Sandbox. Both of these projects are vying for the top spot in the Metaverse universe.