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AFL Betting Tips on Stake

05 Sep 2022
Conrad Castleton 05 Sep 2022
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  • Bet on the AFL on Stake
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  • What is AFL?
  • Stake’s AFL Betting Markets
As a first-time viewer, watching an Australian rules football game can be very confusing. There are countless rules and it is hard to compare to other sports.

It is the most popular sport in Australia, the AFL, the country’s most elite level of the game, is where the sport thrives.

If you’re wanting to know more as it edges closer to a return to action, here is a guide to betting on the AFL and how to be successful with AFL betting tips!

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What is AFL?

Before we get into our AFL betting tips, it is important to have a general overview of how the game is played.

There are two teams. Both field 18 players and have four on the bench who, in difference to soccer, can be substituted on at any time.

They can also come back off the field, with those who originally came off going back on. Think of it as a revolving door.

At both ends of the field are scoring zones. These are known as the goals. Teams can score six points by kicking the ball between the two large goalposts. If they kick it between a large and small goalpost on either the left or the right, it’s only one point.

Any player can score six points, or a ‘goal’.

The objective of the game is to score more overall points in the four quarters of play than the opposition team. In this sense, you can compare it to basketball.

Stake’s AFL Betting Markets offer several match-day markets on the AFL. They are as follows:

  • Match winner
  • Total game points (over/under)
  • Handicaps (over/under)

The match winner market speaks for itself. You can simply bet on who you think will win the match.

Total game points is also rather straight-forward. You simply bet on whether the two teams’ combined number of points will be more or less than what the market offers.

For example, if a match between Collingwood and Richmond ends 100-90 and you bet on the match finishing with +189.5 points combined, you win!

However, where you can make some very good profit is through Stake’s outright markets, which are filled with great value.

There are markets for who will finish in the top 8 on the ladder, top 4, who will make the Grand Final (this is the AFL’s version of the Superbowl) and who will win the Grand Final.

You can also bet on who will finish top of the ladder at the end of the regular season and which team will finish the regular season with the most defeats.

There are also three other markets regarding the states of Australia and the teams in them.

The AFL is predominantly operated in the southern state of Victoria, where the majority of teams are based.

For this reason, many AFL premierships are won by teams inside the state of Victoria.

You can bet on who the best performing Victorian team will be, as well as the best non-Victorian team.

Finally, there’s a market for betting on which state the premiership-winning team will be from.

Good luck with your AFL bets this season!