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How do Monthly Bonuses work?

06 Jun 2022
Conrad Castleton 06 Jun 2022
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  • players can get a bonus every month
  • Find out how to claim your Stake monthly bonus
  • New players can also get up to $3000 by joining with the promo code NEWBONUS
  • Registering at
  • What is the Stake Monthly Bonus?
  • How do I get the Stake monthly bonus?
  • How is the Stake monthly bonus calculated?
  • What is a Reload?
  • Where is my Stake monthly bonus?
  • How can I get a bigger Stake monthly bonus? players can claim monthly bonuses every single month.

Stake is available across the world, with players across Europe, Asia, parts of America and elsewhere active at this crypto betting site every day.

Join with the promo code NEWBONUS and you can get a 200% deposit bonus when you register.

Once registered, you can access all of the special bonus offers and promotions available at the biggest cryptocurrency sportsbook and casino in the world.

The monthly bonus is extremely popular, and on this page we’ll tell you everything you need to know about claiming a Stake bonus every month.

First of all, you will need a Stake account…

Registering at

The promo code NEWBONUS allows you to get the biggest available deposit bonus when opening your account. Up to $3000 bonus can be claimed as a welcome bonus.

Here is how to get started at Stake:

  1. Go to via this link.
  2. Click the 'Register' button and fill in the short registration form.
  3. When asked if you have a Promo Code, type in the code NEWBONUS.

Your account is now open, and you can claim the bonus, which will be credited to your new account as soon as you make your first deposit. Stake will give you a 200% deposit bonus worth up to a maximum $3000.

What is the Stake Monthly Bonus?

The monthly bonus is extra funds given out to all eligible players, once a month. There are few restrictions in relation to the bonus - you just need to be an eligible player.

How do I get the Stake monthly bonus?

To get a monthly bonus, you need to have an account in good standing of Stake, and your email address must be verified. The reason for this is that bonuses are issued each month via email.

You must not unsubscribe from emails. If you did not get an email, it is likely you are ineligible to receive a monthly bonus.

How is the Stake monthly bonus calculated?

Monthly bonuses are calculated based on your VIP level and recent wager. Players who are very active on are more likely to receive bigger bonuses. If you are an active Gold player, you will receive a higher bonus than a non VIP player that is not active on the website. However, active players may earn a higher bonus than inactive players in a higher VIP tier.

What is a Reload?

Most monthly bonuses are awarded as a reload, although you may be given a one-time bonus coupon if you have recently claimed a reload.

A reload is a bonus that is split up into certain intervals. This could be daily, hourly or every ten minutes. With a reload, you are required to return to Stake to claim a bonus.

Where is my Stake monthly bonus?

If you are eligible for a monthly bonus, it will be issued once a month via email. Make sure you check the email address which is linked to your Stake account.

If your monthly bonus is in the form of a coupon, your link will be embedded to the bottom of your email.

If you have been given a reload, you will need to log in to your Stake account and click the ‘Reload’ tab which is found in the VIP section of your account.

How can I get a bigger Stake monthly bonus?

The simple answer is to make sure you are active at

Stake like to reward players who are active and regularly playing at the sportsbook or casino. The more you play and wager, the more your monthly bonus will be.