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Stake Big Wins - Top 3 Big Wins at

13 Aug 2022
Chris Horton 13 Aug 2022
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 Stake Casino has some of the largest payouts of any online casino

Most online casinos are not as exciting as Stake.  The firm captures the imaginations of millions of recreational gamblers across the World. In this article we are going to look at the 3 biggest wins at
  • Reality Check
  • Win 1:  Drake wins and loses $25m
  • Win 2:  Trainwreck wins 524.7 BTC
  • Win 3:  Kefun wins 5 Million Multiplier

Reality Check

We recommend you play at Stake, but you should always remember online casino games have random outcomes, and that your return depends on chance and the game rules.  Some games offer you more of a chance of winning as the house edge is lower, and some games offer you lower chances of winning.  When you play repeatedly the chances are you will always lose your money so you have to be careful when playing at an online casino to only play with the money you can afford to lose.  Online casinos celebrate winners because most players like to think they will also be a winner, but you have to remember that it is more likely that you will lose than win.  That said, here are the three biggest wins at

Win 1:  Drake wins and loses $25m

Canadian rapper Drake regularly streams his sessions at Stake casino.  Drake is well known as a gambler and he is partnered with this reputable crypto currency casino.   At his most recent stream "Stake vs Drake 2" he was playing roulette when he won (and lost) $25m.

Drake won two big amounds $12.96 million and $11.95 million, growing his balance from $8.5 million to $27.2 million before he ended the event with just $1,879 left.  

Win 2:  Trainwreck wins 524.7 BTC

The well known Twitch online casino streamer Trainwreck players regularly at Stake online casino. In March 2022 he played an Egyptian slot game and won 524.7 BTC (approximately $13m at the time of his win). Trainwreck bet 0.02332 BTC and achieved a multipler of 22,500x.

Win 3:  Kefun wins 5 Million Multiplier

Kefun is a stake sponsored streamer and bet $0.05 and won $238,870.92 in October 2021.  This is one of the largest wins we've seen at Stake.

If you bet at Stake have fun and best of luck!